BullSO Invitational 2024

January 27th, 2024 | Division C | In-person @ USF Tampa

The BullSO team is excited to welcome you to the first IN-PERSON BullSO Invitational! For information on our successes last year, please see Invitational 22-23!

Registration Open!

Register for the 2024 BullSO Invitational below! All information is included into the form.

2024 Invitational Information:

Our invitational will be running 30 teams with all 23 events in Division C. We will not be requiring volunteers or event supervisors from coaches, so feel free to focus solely on helping your team. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email bulls.scioly@gmail.com.

Event Modifications & Updates

Planning on running all 23 Division C events, and they will be run by the in-person standard as described in the 2023-24 season Rule Book.

Tournament Day Schedule

To be announced! Conflicts will be based on the Florida State Schedule (aligned with the National schedule in the 2023-24 season Rule Book) The timing is tentatively set for 8 am arrival (impounds start 8:30 am) and 7 pm ending (end of awards ceremony).

Attending Teams

To be announced!